New Release: The God Who Speaks Life

Who is the God of the Bible, and what does it mean to have faith in him? This book gets to the heart of the issues without taking too long about it. God, we learn, is the God who is Creator, Judge, Saviour, Life-Giver, and Trinity. Everything about the Christian faith flows out of that reality.

The God Who Speaks Life Cover“This book keeps scripture at the centre and possible objections in mind, without dying the death of a thousand caveats. What I’m looking forward to, as I read this book with people, is how Andrew helps people see how the story of the whole Bible centres around Jesus. I appreciate the clarity, scope and gentle nudging towards (re)considering who God is in the light of his words. This great little book sits neatly between the brevity of Two Ways to Live and the detail of Knowing God, to present to the reader the God of the Bible as seen in Jesus. It’s biblical, theological, personal and challenging for enquirers and believers alike.” – Roger Fitzhardinge


Available now in e-book and paperback