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This Library is operated by Mountain Street Media.

Mountain Street Media Inc is a not-for-profit publisher supported by individual donors and authors. We are committed to supporting your Christian ministry with the very best local Australian resources.

Mountain Street Media Inc.

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The members of Mountain Street Media Inc. includes people with a mix of experience and skills: theologians, religious practitioners and financial and legal professionals, including.

  • Rev Andrew Judd (committee)
  • Rev Mark Wormell (committee)
  • Rev Michael Paget (committee)
  • Ms Anne Robinson
  • Rev Dr George Athas

About the Librarian

The Librarian is appointed by the committee of Mountain Street Media Inc.

Rev Andrew Judd
[email protected]

Rev Andrew Judd (BA / LLB, BDiv) is an Anglican minister. He studied English Literature and Law at Sydney University before studying Divinity at Moore Theological College. When not curating this collection he spends much of his time challenging students to connect their faith with their lives and their studies.

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