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Hey Facebook: You Don’t Fact Check Satire (Hey Bible Readers: Don’t Do the Same Thing)

Recently, Facebook has been forced to admit that it made a mistake when it penalised the Babylon Bee for distributing fake news. A spoof article from the popular satirical Christian website was fact checked at Facebook’s request by David Mikkelson, the founder of Snopes.com. When Mikkelson flagged it as containing false facts, the Babylon Bee … Read more…

Why Hebrew narrative could teach Hollywood a thing or two about interesting female characters

Preparing for this semester’s lectures on the Former Prophets I’m struck by how compellingly three dimensional the female characters in Hebrew narrative are. While the men are, almost without exception, deeply flawed, weak, or abusive (often all three), it’s hard not to admire these women of God… five of my favourites from today’s reading (what … Read more…

Acts: Empowered

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A baptism at Barneys

Remember your baptism

At one level baptism is quite simple to get your head around. While the precise mechanics varies from church to church, the basic idea is the same throughout the world and throughout history. It involves water and words.

But when you get down to what this beautifully simple symbol means, things get a bit more interesting. I thought I knew what baptism was all about. Until about 3 years ago when I decided to look into what the Bible actually says about baptism. … Read more…