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Andrea Abey – Mountain Street Media

The Gospel and Race: A Truly Dangerous Idea

Late last year, the Sydney Opera House hosted the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, an annual event that features discussions on a number of contemporary issues and controversies. I was excited to be attending one of the festivals most anticipated talks in its line-up: Why Black Lives Matter. The premise of the discussion was simple: considering … Read more…

The F-Word - Engaging with Feminism

The F-Word: Engaging With Feminism

In 1973 Australian singer Helen Reddy won a Grammy Award for her feminist anthem ‘I Am Woman’. The song launched Reddy to international stardom, becoming the symbolic mantra of the women’s liberation movement and official theme of International Women’s Year. It was her controversial acceptance speech however, that would go on to make both headlines … Read more…

Come, follow me (Loving others in the digital age)

Some days I lament that I spend more time cultivating a digital presence than personal Godliness. I have thus, with a disconcerting mix of eagerness and uncertainty, come to accept the continued digitalization of the world in which I live. One thing I am certain of is the need to think seriously about how to live as a follower of Jesus in the digital age.
The following is based on a seminar Andrea delivered at the Barneys Broadway weekend away this year.

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