What is a Christian, anyway?

Donald trump says he is, the Pope says he isn’t, so who is right, who gets to decide, and what is a Christian anyway? One of my friends has recently moved to the US and it’s interesting hearing his reflections on the battle for religious labels within the US presidential election. Whether a candidate counts … Read more…

Deuteronomy (sermon series)

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Acts: Empowered

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A baptism at Barneys

Remember your baptism

At one level baptism is quite simple to get your head around. While the precise mechanics varies from church to church, the basic idea is the same throughout the world and throughout history. It involves water and words.

But when you get down to what this beautifully simple symbol means, things get a bit more interesting. I thought I knew what baptism was all about. Until about 3 years ago when I decided to look into what the Bible actually says about baptism. … Read more…