Practical Help for Workers: Growth Group studies on Work and Workplaces




A set of 9 practical studies on work and workplaces by Mark Wormell, including suggested questions and extra reading material for each study.


(You can download the studies for free here. If you find these studies helpful and are able to support this ministry then you can make a donation above.)

All studies (PDF)

All studies (DOC)


Introduction (PDF)

Study 1: A theology of work

Study 2: How do we know if we are working well?

Study 3: Work, leisure and rest

Study 4: Fear at work

Study 5: Good relations at work – gossip

Study 6: Getting on with people at work – Common Grace

Study 7: Are there jobs Christians should not do?

Study 8: Evangelism at work: Conversion through the workplace

Study 9: Alcohol in the workplace

About the author

Mark worked his way through university as a plumber’s labourer, working on building sites in the far western suburbs of Sydney. He then worked as a lawyer in an Australian based, international law firm from 1982-2009. He worked in its London office from 1984-86 and its Singapore office from 1987-1988. He was a partner for 21 years in Banking and Finance, and specialised in Capital Markets and Securitisation. His clients included the big 4 Australian banks, many international financial institutions and the Australian Government. He was also the staff partner for 4 years, having primary responsibility for recruitment, retention, remuneration, training and discipline. After graduating from Moore Theological College with a BD in 2013, he is now Minister for Workers and Workplaces at St Barnabas’ Anglican Church, Broadway, Sydney.


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